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The riches of the Bible are inexhaustible. With The Bible Today, you’ll explore Scripture through illustrated articles and commentary written by some of today’s best biblical scholars. The Bible Today is accessibly written for even the non-expert, making it ideal for your own personal reflection or for your group study of the Bible.

Features in each issue of The Bible Today

Exploring the Biblical Landscape: Look into cultural, archeological, and geographical aspects of the biblical world.

Biblical Update: Biblical scholars focus on different books or themes in the Bible.

Book reviews of the best in recently published books.

Lift Up Your Hearts: An illustrated “meditative” Lectio Divina feature, taking its inspiration from the theme of each issue (included through January 2018)

2021 Issue Themes:


Book of Numbers by Dale Launderville, OSB


Paul as preacher and communicator by Mary Ann Getty


Law in the Bible by Gregory Polan, OSB


Minor Characters in the Bible by Leslie Hoppe, OFM


“Bearing Fruit in Old Age” by Laurie Brink, OP


Gratitude by Cackie Upchurch

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Editor: Donald Senior, CP
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Managing Editor:
Linda M. Maloney

Associate Editors:
Laurie Brink, OP
Mary Ann Getty
Leslie J. Hoppe, OFM
Dale Launderville, OSB
Gregory Polan, OSB
Cackie Upchurch

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